Take Advantage of Free Skills

Where To Begin

Preparing for the apocalypse can be very overwhelming. So why not start with the basics of survival? Too many people want to have the newest, most advanced equipment. What good is it though if you don’t possess the skill set to use it? A good place to start when preparing is with the basics. Almost sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, many things are overlooked when starting out. Free skills like how to make a fire, purify water, identify plants, knowing how to properly clean a firearm, skin and clean game, etc… are often overlooked. That is not good to do, your most basic skills to ensure survival are often free, or very cheap to learn.


I’m sure we have all heard the phrase, practice makes perfect. Well that certainly applies to prepping. Each skill you learn you must practice much more than the one time you get it right. Your survival will depend on your skill set. Talking about how to perform a skill, or trying to remember what you read will not be good enough when you are under pressure in a true SHTF scenario. Whether your skill is medicine, carpentry, tracker, hunter, or the homesteader every skill must be mastered to ensure survival.

Free Skills

Many skills can be acquired for free nowadays with the use of the internet. Something that you should definitely take advantage of. With a quick google search you can learn vital survival skills costing you only the internet you are using to acquire the knowledge. Some free skills are:

  • Bushcraft
  • Making Traps
  • How to make a fire using natural ingredients
  • How to purify water
  • Identifying plants
  • So much more

As you start searching these subjects you will run into even more skills and ideas you can practice with little or no cost. Another great way to prepare on a budget is to learn how to “upcycle” your waste. Like using your left over candle wax to make a survival candle¬†.