Alternative Water Sources When The SHTF

Alternative Water Sources

Learning about alternative water sources before SHTF should be taken into consideration. Once all of your stored water has run out you will need to come up with ways to acquire water. There are roughly four sources of water. Stored, wells, rainwater, and wild. Your stored water has run out and you’re looking for another way to stay hydrated.


Having a private well can be an amazing benefit. You have all the water you can need right in the ground at your home. Now you have to find a way to get around the electric pump that brings your water out of the ground. That is if you don’t have power, if you do have power then have fun with all of your water. If not, some companies make hands pumps that can pressurize your water system so you can use your faucets and fixtures the same way as you do right now. Right now hands up can be a little expensive but they can be a lifesaver for you if you plan to bug in and don’t have a way to make sustainable power.


Most people have gutters on their home. While in some states now it can be illegal to collect rainwater (for whatever reason), this can be a cheap way to get water. I’m sure we all have been outside before during a rainstorm watching the water flow out of the gutters. That is a lot of water, why not store it? You can easily make your own rain barrels to fasten a gutter to, or you can buy ready made ones available online and other stores.

Whether you buy it or make it, make sure that what you are using makes the water easy to get to. Usually a spigot at the bottom of the barrel is the preferred and easiest method. If you want to get creative you fabricate ways have the barrels indoors, or disguised. This helps keep people from knowing you have an abundance of water on hand. Water will be a commodity during a survival situation.

Hot Water Heater

Your hot water heater is another great resource for water. If you have a 40 gallon tank, the water needs to fill all the way up before it can push out the hot water. This leaves roughly 40 gallons left in the tank whether you have power or not. At the bottom of the tank will be a valve where you can attach a hose to so you can easily collect water. Don’t overlook your hot water heater when you are fighting for survival

Swimming Pool

While a swimming pool is not a great resource for drinking water. You will find plenty of water do to do laundry and bath with. Now most people would just assume that being that the pool is chlorinated that you can drink it just like tap water. This is not true. In a pool there are additional chemicals put into to pools to help stabilize the chlorine to make it work longer. You can also use this water to help flush your toilets!

Wild Sources

From a pond to a river, these are great wild sources as long as you follow a strict guideline when collecting the water. First and foremost, make sure you always filter and purify this water. You don’t want to upset your stomach or catch some disease from dirty water when trying to survive. Thinking ahead is the only way to survive, so make sure you purify that water! Second, if you are trying to avoid humans or hide, you may be far too exposed for the isolation you are trying to keep. Many people will be looking to these water sources as well when SHTF. Third, transport. You will have devise a way to move the water from it’s source to your location. This can be accomplished by buckets, wheelbarrow and many other ways. Remember, you will be purifying it before you drink it.

There are many ways to find water when the SHTF, leave your ideas or experiences in the comments.

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