HOW TO: The Easy Way To Collect Bacon Grease

Collecting Bacon Grease

Bacon is an amazing substitute for what people otherwise use bland oils for. It can be used in place of oil, butter, and even grease for your mechanical needs. You can coat your tools in it to protect the tool from the elements after a season and I have even heard of people using it to oil their rifles! 

To easily collect bacon grease you need to acquire a few things that most already have in the kitchen. 

First, you’ll need bacon of course. 

Second, you’ll want to gather a sheet tray (cookie sheet), tin foil, funnel, cheesecloth and finally a glass jar. 

After you have gathered the supplies you will need to wrap the entire sheet tray with tin foil. The tin foil will help keep your tray clean and it makes it easier to pour into the jar later once done cooking. 

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, while you are doing this you can put your bacon on to the sheet tray. When placing them on to the tray make sure you do not overlap. That will end in poor results.

If the oven is ready then place the bacon in. Cook the bacon for 15 minutes. You want to keep your eye on it and flip the bacon when it is halfway done. This will help get the most grease out and will prevent the bacon from having the chance to burn. 

While the bacon cooks, grab your jar. Place the funnel into the mouth of the jar and cut some cheese cloth to the appropriate size for the cloth to fit snug. Now all you have to do is wait for the bacon to finish cooking. 

Once done you will remove the bacon from the tray and place on to a plate with a paper towel on it soaking up the excess grease. 

With oven mitts or a towel, grab the tray and pour into the funnel. The cheesecloth will prevent any of the bacon bits from entering the jar, giving you a very nice grease to work with. Set it aside to let it cool down so moisture doesn’t build up inside. After it cools screw the lid on and keep it in the refrigerator.

That’s it. Use it for anything you can think of. Make sure to enjoy the bacon you set aside too! 


HOW TO: The Easy Way To Collect Bacon Grease