Hidden Rooms: A Necessity

In the days to come, a hidden room could be a vital resource to have for your continued survival. Some can be just a small cubby to hide a gallon of water, some ammunition and a rifle. Other rooms can be very large rooms, even with a secret exit, with stockpiles of firearms, food, water and supplies that will ensure your longevity throughout whatever disaster has caused you to need your hidden room. They can even double as panic rooms during a home invasion! I personally believe in having multiple spots throughout your household and property because I think putting all the eggs in the same basket can lead to having nothing but broken eggs.

If you had to live through such an event where you had to bug out of your home, you know that it would most likely be impossible to take everything you wanted with you when you had to make that split second decision to pack up and leave. What is your saving grace? The fact that you know when you return and your home wasn’t completely demolished that you can be able to access all of the things that you had stockpiled but hadn’t been able to carry with you. Even some of the best thieves wouldn’t be able to find your hidden room, if you did a good job on making it a truly hidden room. Most people wouldn’t even think to look for one. It even gives you the ability to slowly move everything, if you were in a situation where you could periodically revisit your home.

In the event where you were bugging in, or wasn’t by choice and you were forced to stay in your home, for example; If Martial Law was declared, you would know that you can be able to hide your most valuable items from being pillaged by some police force or military. The scenarios that could play out in the event that you have to stay in your home could be tremendous and the people that you could have to defend your home from can come in many different forms. Wouldn’t you be better off knowing that everything you truly need to keep yourself and your family alive is well hidden and guarded?

A hidden room is much more than just a place to keep things out of the eye of would be thieves. It is a piece of mind, a sanctity if you will, where you know that nothing could go too wrong because you have already compiled enough belongings where you could survive whatever kind of situation that would demand use of those resources.