If You Plan To Bug Out – Exercise Is Your Most Important Prep

If You Plan To Bug Out

Most people have never bugged out before. In theory it sounds like the best idea. You have your bug out bag loaded down with all the equipment you think you may need, and you have a route in mind. Are you traveling by foot or by vehicle? Are you prepared to ditch the vehicle if it becomes broken down, damaged, or it is simply too big of a target to navigate through the rest of your trip? These are all questions that you must answer for yourself when preparing to bug out. While having a heavy backpack might not seem like that big of a deal before hand. Have you ever had to carry that pack the great distance you may have to travel when SHTF.

As preppers we like to prepare for anything to happen but one of the most overlooked aspects is, when it all goes wrong. Preparing means to prepare for the worst case scenarios. We all know we can drive for miles down the road with all the weight that we our vehicles can hold, but can your back withstand the strain of walking for miles with that extremely heavy pack you thought you would never really have to carry?


Exercise seems to be one of the most overlooked parts of preparing for whatever may go wrong. Sure we all have different reasons for preparing but we are talking about bugging out here. Being light on your feet will be the most important thing you have to do, if you are in fact bugging out and forced to travel by foot rather than vehicle.

The way I like to look at it is, if you walk into a Home Depot or Lowes, and you forget a cart. You find the masonry aisle and you easily lift the 80 lb bag of concrete. Now you have no cart, so you are forced to either find a cart or carry the 80 lbs all the way up to register, either on your shoulder or in a bear hug. After putting down the concrete at the register and paying, you now have to carry it through the parking lot to your vehicle.

I’m sure that I am not the only who has done this before. By the time you get through the store, pay, and get to your vehicle your body is starting to feel the work out of carrying that bag of concrete. It is no different when you overload a BOB and think you are going to walk miles on end, and what happens when you have to run from a threat? You will either be slowed down by the bag, or you will have to ditch the bag to evade whatever threat you may be facing. Neither one of those are a good idea and definitely doesn’t insure your survival.

Lighten Up

While exercising will absolutely help you manage carrying your pack, you also want to make sure that it is as light as you can make it. The only way to make your BOB lighter is to not depend on your gear more than yourself. Learn primitive skills for fire making, cooking, water purification, etc… This will definitely help you lessen the load on your back thus insuring your survival just that much more.

I wish I could tell you how to exercise for the SHTF scenarios but everyone is different. Just remember that when the day comes that you have to grab that bag and run, you will have a much better chance if you whipped yourself into shape before you had to run loaded down with all your survival gear.