Planning For Community Survival After SHTF

Community Survival

In the event of a SHTF scenario where it is not so catastrophic to bug out and run for the hills. You will end up in a community survival situation. A community can be very many different things whether it is your village, town, or the group of people you were with when the SHTF started. There are many benefits to being in a community when it all goes down. Each person or family has some supplies (to an extent) to contribute towards the community. Many people will be able to come together and allocate the resources needed for everyone. Such as business owners, school employees, big box supermarkets, etc… Hopefully these owners and employees will chip in for the greater good of the community.

Besides the food situation, there are safety in numbers. Thieves and looters will definitely be out there if any SHTF situation were to happen, so having security is very important for survival. A community can help ensure safety for all. More people equal greater resources for defense. This can be someone to take a shift on night watch or a scout to check out what is going on outside your immediate area.

More than likely you will also have a diverse set of skills within the community. As much as we would all love to think that one person or a small group can possess all the skills necessary for survival, you are much better suited to have a community to rely on for certain skills like medical, leadership, food production, skilled tradesmen etc… As well as police officers and hunters.

Difficulties within the community

Being within a community environment won’t be the easiest thing to do either. A substantial amount of people are a lot more resources to be needed. As well as a wide diversity of personalities that won’t always get along. You can expect a power struggle for a leadership role if someone feels that they aren’t getting what they deserve, or they work harder for the community than someone else.

Just like today where everyone isn’t the model citizen, you can expect the same or worse during a SHTF scenario. There will still be thieves, chronic alcoholics, drug abusers, etc… This can make organizing a community working for survival a bigger task to manage than it may seem.

A lot of communities today are behind the times with their disaster planning. Many local plans are only for the short term and not based around long term survival for a large group of people. So preparing yourself way beforehand about the resources within your town or village, the roads in and out, and where threats may come from could prove very important.

Organizing a community

Organizing a community during SHTF won’t be much different than what it is today. We would all have roles to play to make survival a reality. Even if those roles drastically change from those we have today. Some people may have more than one job to take care of during these times but that is what it will take to make long term survival achievable.

Roles in the community

  • LABOR SKILLS – Many people within the community won’t be doctors or police officers. They will be carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, electricians, etc… These skills could become essential in repairing structures and machines if they were to break during SHTF. A lot of these jobs also carry the trait of innovation which will be very important for adapting to new situations. You will need people for clean up, cutting firewood, volunteers providing assistance to people for emergency relief. Every able body will be helpful to ease tensions in the first days or weeks during the beginning of a long term situation.
  • MEDICAL – A very critical role within your community is a medical skill set. People will get hurt just as they do today, and even more so. Ideally we would love to have a fully functional hospital at our disposal but chances are that will not be the case. With already having only what supplies we can find, having someone with the knowledge to use said supplies is very important. All people known to have medical experience should be tapped on the shoulder for their support and ability to help the rest of the community.
  • FOOD PRODUCTION- You will only be able to scavenge a certain amount of food. Being able to create or obtain your own will be important. Your long term survival will depend on it. Most people today do not have a sustainable food supply planted in their yard. Nor do they have a substantial amount of food saved for SHTF. Have people with gardening experience to help set up individual families with their own plots, and even a community plot for those unable to grow their own. Hunters and fishermen will be another great resource to have to help supply meat for the community.

Important roles for long term

  • SECURITY- During the long term survival of your community, you can count on someone wanting what you have. Having people providing protection will help deter these threats before they can hurt those within the community not able to protect themselves. Police officers, security guards, and gun enthusiasts are all people that will easily fall into this role. While having night watches and security posts, you will also want to have scouts. Your scouts will be able to bring back news from outside your immediate area. Alerting the community of potential threats before they arrive.
  • PLANNERS – They will be able to take projects that leaders and the community have decided on and make them happen. These will be the people that know how to make a concrete plan and stick by them. By keeping track of material they will know the shortfalls of the community. Many projects will be needed. For example, finding the people with the skills and materials to build wind power or hydro power, and other projects.
  • LEADERSHIP – A group or community will never thrive without the right leadership. More than a handful of people making decisions will most likely result in disaster. Not in every SHTF scenario will their be a vacuum for leadership. Some leadership structure may still exist like mayor, city council, police or fire chief, etc… With seasoned officials it shouldn’t be too hard to take the leadership role. With experience in conflict resolution and people management, these should be people to look towards. Of course not every situation will allow for them to help so make sure you pick your leadership role correctly. A leader should be smart, determined and very diplomatic.


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