Vacuum Sealing Serving Sizes

Serving Sizes

Collecting food to store away for when SHTF is a great thing but, how you store it is very important. One package for a ton of food will spoil once you open it for just a little bit. The best way to overcome that issue is by vacuum sealing your food in sizing sizes, individual meals.  This practice could just end up saving your life one day. Think about what your family or, whomever you’re prepping for eats and how much of it. I like to follow the serving sizes that are on the container but sometimes you have to make heftier servings for people which is okay as long as you prep for it. This is a great way not to ruin food before it gets the chance to be eaten.

It is also important that once you vacuum seal these foods, you store them in 5 gallon food grade buckets with lids. For even more protection you can add some O2 absorbers to the bucket. Remember, when packaging serving sizes that you are storing meals. It is important to make sure and double check that you are storing an adequate amount of food.