Winterize Your BOB

Get your bug out bag ready for Winter

If you already have your BOB sitting in your closet or the back of your car, you already have a head start on the majority of people. However, when was the last time that you emptied that bag and checked your supplies. The last thing you can want in there during the Winter is a bunch of t-shirts and shorts. 


Clothing will be your first line of defense this Winter against the cold weather. It is very important that you stock your BOB accordingly. Ditch the t-shirts and shorts, and replace them with warmer clothing. Consider adding long sleeved thermals and long johns. An extra supply of cold weather gloves and some very warm socks. During the Winter when you go marching through the snow your feet are bound to get wet. Whether it’s from snow or just the build up of sweat. Make sure to keep extra pairs of socks so that you can routinely change them and not risk the chance of getting frost bite on your feet. If your feet become unable to keep you moving, you are going to have a big problem.

Another important item to consider adding is a very warm hat, particularly when that has the ear flaps to keep your ears warm as well. The majority of body heat is lost through the head. Don’t allow yourself to become subject to the cold weather because of something you have overlooked. 

Sleeping bags

Trade out that summer sleeping bag with one that is designed for the freezing temperatures. Your body will be no good to you if you spend your whole night up shaking and shivering because you can’t stay warm. Yes, these bags can be expensive but do you really want to weigh the cost against your life? Space blankets can help but they will just not cut it when you are going to be exposed to this type of weather. 


Most of us will already have a means of making fire in our bags. Be sure to empty your bag out before Winter hits. Make sure that all of your fire making gear is still intact and working. You don’t want to be out in the cold, wet snow without a means of properly making a fire. Learn how to build a wall to retain the heat from the flames and redirect it back to where you are camped. 


We all keep a means of collecting or keeping water in our bags. After all most preppers know that the human body can only survive 3 days without a clean source of water. Change out your metal containers with the typical plastic water bottles. These types of plastic containers have room to expand if the water in your bag freezes. If you haven’t already added water purification tablets to your bag now would be the time to do so. Water filters can freeze up, if that is your only source of clean water you may be down on your luck. 

Of course there are a million other items and things you can do to shield yourself from Winter. Take your time to do the research before you are stuck in the weather with no means to help yourself.